Little STEM Lab Kits

lab kits

Our dynamic lab kits are designed to get preschool to grade school children excited about STEM!

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lab kits
If you want to expose your children or students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math this kit is for you. Each kit is based on a fun and engaging science or engineering concept to teach kids to learn, lead and love STEM! If your school doesn’t have a STEM project-based curriculum these lab kits are perfect for your small group instruction.
Try The Digital Lab Experiments Kit (Digital Download)
  • 4 Science experiments which you can do with basic household objects
STEM Lab 2

Math Kit
  • In order to prepare children to succeed in Science they must understand math, more than just counting.
STEM Lab 5
Human Anatomy &
  • This kit teaches kids about organs, They will learn about the 4 blood types to determine compatibility.
STEM Lab 3

Chemical Reaction Kit
  • Includes up to
    15 hands on Kitchen Science Lab experiments.

STEM Lab 4

Frog Kit
  • This kit teaches kids to love life science by
    experimenting with frogs literally.