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About Us

Meet the Owner

Lj Henderson

25 years in Education, ESL and Speech Therapy

La Sonja Jordan Henderson, or “LJ”, as many affectionately call her, is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. She has a deep love and concern for children, fostered by her work as an educator and speech therapist that has spanned the last twenty years. She earned an undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders from Texas Southern University. Under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas F. Freeman, she received recognition for a 1st Place victory in International Debate in Munich, Germany as well as a second place award for debate in Paris, France. Mrs. Henderson holds two Masters degrees one from Houston Baptist University and the other from California State University Northridge. She is an accomplished business owner and operates two early childhood learning centers. She also previously owned her own Pediatric Therapy Clinic after three years she closed it. One of the primary reasons was to decrease the need for special education and focus more on early intervention. She believes there is inadequate availability of quality early childhood programs thus children start school delayed. If they receive early intervention there will be a decreased need for special education services; which will have a positive impact on school ratings.

She owns and operates two high quality early childhood learning centers both of which are Texas School Ready Certified, meaning children who come through her program are ready for kinder. The schools offer childcare that works for the entrepreneur parent, parent in need of second income, student-parent, or couples who want a date night. Countless individuals have been able to grow their businesses and also further their education, due to the flexibility of this service. She currently has partnerships with two of the largest back up childcare providers and offers childcare solutions for corporate partners like Methodist, Texas Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Home Depot, Chase Bank, Shell, employees.

She was honored as a Living Legend in Education on October 2019. She has been recognized by her peers as Top Medical and Wellness Professional, 2016. LJ understands the impact that education has on the future workforce. Because today’s preschoolers are tomorrow’s workforce she is currently advocating for more high quality preschool programs to prevent the preschool to prison pipeline. Since brain development reaches its’ capacity by age 3 children who do not receive quality education have a negative impact on the workforce of the future. When not working in the early childhood centers Lj spends her time working with non – profit organizations, event planning, and mentoring. Most recently she completed a book and launch a mentoring program for individuals who want to learn how to own and open.

Little STEM Academy

Little STEM Academy is a comprehensive learning academy providing integrated, small class sizes with hands-on and simulation experiments for ages 3, 4 and early 5-year old learners. 

The Academy’s primary focus is effective and advanced brain development, social play, and communication.  With a team of professionals trained to teach learners with higher-order thinking, your child will not only be ready for their next school level, but prepared to experience advanced or gifted and talented programs, sooner than later.

Studies show that a child’s development is at 90% by age 5 as well, early childhood education is the key to the betterment of our society.  STEM involves introducing them to new concepts and games. It essentially helps them to live out curiosity through experimentation versus through a textbook.   

Children are curious little beings that have the burning desire to explore all their surroundings, make discoveries and try new things out as a way of learning.

Creating environments that not only ignites curiosity but creativity, gives them an advantage to solving problems while applying critical thinking.  According to Arizona State University, a child’s brain develops more rapidly by age 5 than any other time in a child’s life.  Therefore, little STEM Academy’s creative makerspace and STEM exploration is the incubator for greatness ready to be birthed and launched!